Dragon Nest

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PC Online | Action MORPG | Currently in service

Dragon Nest is a 3D action RPG developed with the goal of bringing the high-quality action and thrilling gameplay more often experienced in console gaming to online platforms. Since its debut in 2009 after three years of development, the game reached greats heights of popularity around the world, winning several awards and achieving a record-breaking 700,000 concurrent online players in China. In service not only in Asia, but in North American and European markets, Dragon Nest has garnered global acclaim from gamers and media alike.

World Of Dragon Nest

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Mobile | Action MMORPG | January 2020, Official SEA Sevice Launch

World of Dragon Nest is a new mobile action MMORPG developed based on the best elements of Dragon Nest, the game enjoyed by 200 million users worldwide. The same core developers behind Dragon Nest began production of World of Dragon Nest in 2016 using the MMORPG format so that a greater number of players could access the game at the same time. Through our partnership with Nexon Thailand we began controlled beta testing for the first time in Southeast Asia in August 2019. This new Dragon Nest title has since received acclaim from Dragon Nest fans worldwide.

Creative Center

Creative Center is the heart of creativity that expands game intellectual property into various types of media (games, webtoons, goods, etc.) to reach across entire entertainment industry.

  • DragonNest Graphic

    Provides support for artistic collaborations (game resources, PR images, video resources, etc.) and offline events like G-Star carried out with affiliates

  • ART R&D

    Creates concept art using a new engine to revamp the graphics of outdated core game intellectual property.

  • IP Contents

    Secures relevant expertise for secondary intellectual creations (webtoons, web novels, game lore, scenarios, figurines) using game intellectual property.

Global Partners

  • China


  • Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao

    Gamania Digital Entertainment Co.,Ltd.

  • Thailand(Dragon Nest)

    Asiasoft Corp.

  • Japan


  • Korea

    ENP Games

  • Thailand(World Of Dragon Nest)

    Nexon Thailand

※ in North America, Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines

Other Collaborations

  • Latisglobal

  • Xsolla

  • Paypal

  • Cherry Credits Pte., Ltd.