[Press Release] Massive ‘Dragon Nest R: New World‘ update 2015.07.29
Max level increased to 90, New system for upgrading action
- Celebrating huge update, Eyedentity Games is presenting various gifts such as R Coin, Pandora Box, etc.  

Eyedentity Games announced has been updated on 29th. 

This update is made based on a slogan to bring back original action itself and it includes ▲System improvements for upgrading action ▲Max level increase ▲UI improvements.
First, to bring back the original action, battle formula, skills, contents, system are all remodified. All monsters and each job skill balances are adjusted and minimized party buff to make gamers focus on action play.

And maximum level has been increased from 80 to 90, and new world zone and 5 stages are added with a new scenario.  Based on scenario expansion, a new world zone ‘Heart of Merca’, and stages ‘Blue wind field’, ‘Sacred place of Trian’, ‘Wasted land of a battle’, ‘Cradle of abandoned’, ‘Valley of broken gold stone’ are updated, and ‘Manticore’ and ‘Archbishop’ nests are also added as a remake version.
Also, new changes for user convenience are made. Fatigue is now fixed to 60, simplified the difficulty of nests to reduce the stress. Useless information during the battle are all removed from the game screen, and costume preview is now available on auction house to improve the visual convenience.

On the other hand, Eyedentity Games is implementing various events celebrating
R coin, the in-game event money, will be given to all users who log in the game during the event period, July 29th~September 9th, and gamers will be able to obtain items such as wing, tale, dye potion, etc.
Additionally, while leveling up from 80 to 90, 8 Pandora boxes will be given at every levels and a mount ‘Giraffe’ will be given when reaching level 90.
Joong Sun Jang, the Head of Dragon Nest department, said, “We are trying to build up new ways to communicate with Dragon Nest users since we are operating the service on our hand.”, “We will give our best efforts to make this update can requite users who finished the transfer.”

Details and events of can be found on Dragon Nest official homepage ( www.dragonnest.co.kr )
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