[Press Release] DragonNest animation movie, opened in China 2014.07.31
- The highest production cost among animations in China, famous staffs joined producing the animation movie based on DragonNest senario, opening on July 31st in China 
- Based on game senario, favorably noticed at International film festival    
(2014. 07. 31) Korean online game has been remade as an animation movie, which spent the highest production cost among animations in China. 

EYEDENTITY Games announced to open own action RPG game DragonNest:Warrior's Dawn (Chinese 龙之谷:破晓奇兵) on July 31st(Thu) in China.

Movie is co-produced 3D animation by Shanda Games and Mili pictures, made a big topic with screenwriter of "Shrek'' Terry Izumi and Songakbong, famous director of Chinese animation, participated.

In particular, was invested by Chinese largest animation production costs in history, and evaluated positively with many other great animation before opening in Cannes Film Festival 2014 and Shanghai International Film Festival 2013. 

The movie has the story where Lambert makes journey with 6 heroes called ‘Dragon Slayers’, Gereint, Nerwin, Karacule, Velskud, Varnak, Terramai against Black dragon, who is trying to put this world in danger. The movie preview has been well-evaluated referring the original scenario of ‘Dragon Nest’ and unique characters and action.  

Eyedentity Games said, “We could recognize the scenario of Dragon Nest has been approved in an International movie festival.”, “We think Dragon Nest the movie showed the attraction of the original and hope not only Dragon Nest fans love the movie but also the other movie fans love Dragon Nest the movie.
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