[Press Release] Eyedentity Games opens Dragon Nest service in Turkey 2014.12.29
Dragon Nest starts commercial service on 29th
- SmileGate Europe focuses on marketing on Bus ad, Game broadcasting, etc.
 Dragon Nest is about to make a blast in Turkey, which has a developing online-game market followed by Asia, North America, Europe.
Eyedentity Games said its self-developed MORPG ‘Dragon Nest’ is going on a commercial service in Turkey on 29th.
Eyedentity Games has successfully finished CBT which opened for a month in December and OBT after localizing with SmileGate Europe, which has been launching Korean MMORPG in Europe.
Especially, they improved dynamic action of PVP contents and skill effects to satisfy Turkey gamers, who shows high interests in PVP.

SmileGate Europe, the Turkey publisher, implemented advertisements on famous game portal and major bus lines for upcoming commercial service, and started game broadcasting with celebrated game BJ to impress Turkey gamers. 
Chien Tung Hai, CEO of Eyedentity Games, said, “There is no similar games as Dragon Nest in Turkey so we are expecting a great success in Turkey market.”, “We are willing to give our best efforts to make Dragon Nest a best game in Turkey throughout a cooperation with SmileGate Europe.”
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