[Press Release] New Dungeon Striker, Official launches in Taiwan 2015.06.19
 Official launches on 17th with Taiwans largest publisher Game Filer
- Localization and intensive marketing increases Taiwans success

On 18th June 2015, Eyedentity Games Inc. (CEO, Chien Tung Hai www.eyedentitygames.com ) announced that action RPG new Dungeon Striker (,) officially launches in Taiwan.

Eyedentity Games Inc. finished its final preparation through second CBT (closed beta test) and user meeting with Taiwans largest publisher Game Flier (CEO, Young Il, Im) and began its official service on 17th.

During the first CBT(on 30th April ~ 3rd May), and second CBT(on 2nd ~ 7th June), this game has been favorably evaluated, as revisit ratio was more than 70%, and average play time was reached at 4 hour and 20 minutes.

In ahead of official launch, Eyedentity Games Inc. and Game Flier devoted their all energy to perform localization and pre-public relation. Eyedentity Games Inc. produced Taiwan user specific item as well as significantly supplemented rapid growth section and battle contents according to the Taiwan users national trait.

Game Flier initiated intensive marketing campaign and TV commercial advertisement based on various internet portal sites, TV channels and promoted outdoor advertising in the main street of Taiwan.

Young il Im, CEO of Game Flier, revealed that "We are very glad to finish CBT in great success. We also wish more users can enjoy with completely reinforced New Dungeon Striker official service."

Chien Tung Hai, CEO of Eyedentity Games Inc., says "We expect the launch in Taiwan will be successful, since we work with Game Flier who had full infra and service know how. In order to captivate Taiwan users interest, we will give full support continuously."
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