[Press Release] Eyedentity games Inc. announced to service itself 2 online titles. Starts from 21st. 2015.07.21
- Dragon Nest, New Dungeon Striker transferring from 21st, starts to service itself.
- Both titles plan huge update during the second half of the year, promised stable service.
On 21st July 2015, Eyedentity Games Inc. (CEO, Chien Tung Hai www.eyedentitygames.com ) announced that Dragon Nest and New Dungeon Striker servicing itself.

Eyedentity Games Inc. manages every services including marketing, operations or etc. game portal Pupu games from ENP games (CEO Seung Jae LEE) supports game platform..

Users who played through HappyOZ are able to keep their data to apply transfer from Dragon Nest website ( www.dragonnest.co.kr ) and New Dungeon Striker website ( www.dungeonstriker.co.kr ) with simple registration.

Furthermore, Eyedentitygames Inc. provides plentiful game money to users who finished Dragon Nest and New Dungeon Striker transfer.

Users who have done transfer on 21st, will get corresponding 100,000 won cash item package. Also users who have done their transfer by 19th of Aug, will get 30,000 petals.
New Dungeon Striker will provide corresponding 160,000 won cash item and 100 diamond to all users who has done their transfer by 25th of Aug.

Meanwhile, Dragon Nest and New Dungeon Striker plans huge update.

Firstly, Dragon Nest increases level limit from 80 to 90 and in order to reinforce fun and action, it’s been reformed with several contents update with “Dragon Nest R: New World” on 29th of July. 
Subsequently on 5th of Aug, new class “Wizard”, new area and mercenary system will be updated.
Seung Jae Lee, CEO of ENP games, says “We are very glad to service such a popular game Dragon Nest and New Dungeon Striker on Pupu game portal. We will try our best to minimize user’s inconvenience through close cooperation with Eyedentitygames.” 

Joong Sun Jang, Head of Dragon Nest department of Eyedentity games Inc. says “Thanks to all players supports our own service”, “We will do our best to provide stable game circumstances without any inconveniences”
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