[Press Release] 2014 Dragon Nest World Championship Final Round to be held in Bali 2014.07.31

2014 Dragon Nest World Championship Final Round to be held in Bali

-      In partnership with Indonesia-based PT.KREON, the final round will be held in the world-famous tourist spot, Bali, for the first time

-      Contestants from 8 countries including Korea, China, Japan, Indonesia, and Europe, showing increased user interests from round the world



(July 11, 2014) The 2014 Dragon Nest World Championship, a festival for "Dragon Nest" users from round the world, will be held soon.


Eyedentity Games, Inc. (CEO: Chien, Tung Hai, www.eyedentitygames.com), developer of "Dragon Nest," announced the schedule for the 2014 Dragon Nest World Championship (DWC).


DWC is the ultimate PvP showdown for "Dragon Nest" users around the world as teams representing each of their nations compete in a 4-v-4 battle for the coveted championship title. This is the second annual tournament and, this year, a total of eight teams from Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and Europe will compete for the prize money of USD 50,000.


Actoz Soft Co., Ltd., a domestic publisher of "Dragon Nest," will oversee online elimination rounds every week starting from July 25th and two offline rounds to pick the team representing Korea in the final round on October 25th. The respective teams for the final round will compete against each other in Bali, Indonesia, during December 3th to 5th.


Notably, this championship will be held jointly by Eyedentity Games and PT.Kreon (CEO: Suhyun Kim), a partner company in Indonesia, known for its extensive experience in hosting international game competitions. As the prize money and participating countries increase from last year, Eyedentity Games selected Bali, a famous tourist destination in Indonesia where demands for "Dragon Nest" are increasingly becoming stronger, as the location for the final round of its championship.


Junmyeong Jeong, general director at Eyedentity Games, told: "We witnessed major indicators such as the number of new users and playtime advanced significantly in most of the countries that participated in last year's DWC, proving greatly increased user interests around the world in the PvP tournaments of "Dragon Nest". We will continue to make a concerted effort so that DWC can be firmly positioned as the global game competition for our fans and users in and outside of Korea."

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