[Announcement] [Dragon Nest]Commercial Release in North America 2011.09.28

Dragon Nest North America on Live


Eyedentity Games, in partnership with Nexon America, launched Dragon Nest in North America.


In June, we introduced Dragon Nest to North American gamers for the first time at E3, which is one of the biggest game events of the year. We demonstrated the games impressive gameplay and superior graphics, our booth was packed with people trying to have a go at the game for the rest of the exhibition. In addition, leading video game magazines praised Dragon Nest for being a highly polished gem of a game.


We believe Nexon Americas immense expertise and vast network in North America will guarantee stable service of Dragon Nest and provide a more enjoyable gameplay experience for North American gamers .

[Announcement] [Dragon Nest]Singapore/Malaysia Licensing
[Announcement] [Dragon Nest]Commercial Release in Singapore/Malaysia