[Announcement] [Dragon Nest]Commercial Release in Taiwan/Hong Kong 2010.11.12

Dragon Nest Taiwan/Hong Kong on Live


Eyedentity Games and Gamania have officially launched Dragon Nest in Taiwan/Hong Kong.


Since signing a publishing agreement back in 2008, Eyedentity Games and Gamania have worked closely together to localize Dragon Nest for the users in Taiwan/Hong Kong.


A closed beta test helped before the official launch, and an offline marketing campaign that included distribution of Dragon Nest DVDs through a nationwide chain of convenience stores together with and other promotional activities helped lower the barrier of entry ahead of the games launch.


When we began an open beta test for Dragon Nest in Taiwan/Hong Kong, we saw the skyrocket to 10,000 in just five minutes. Gamer, the leading Taiwanese magazine for gamers, also ranked Dragon Nest as the best RPG game in Taiwan and further promoted its popularity in Taiwan/Hong Kong.


We here at Eyedentity Games are confident that the superior in-game content of Dragon Nest and the systematic server operation by Gamania will make Dragon Nest as one of the most sought after online game in Taiwan/Hong Kong.

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