[Press Release] New Dungeon Striker, Official launches in China 2014.11.20
- Official launches on 19th with Chinese publisher “Shanda Games” 
- Intensive marketing action such as channeling with Baidu based on 1M of Pre-registration, High retention rate over 80%    

Eyedentity Games ( www.eyedentitygames.com ) announced another global blockbuster game, Action RPG “New Dungeon Striker” that may follow Dragon Nest, started official service in China at 19th. 
Eyedentity games made a contract with Chinese famous game company “Shanda Games” and provide the perfect localization to Chinese players such as building new cash models and adding Chinese style graphics to increase a chance of success in China.
New Dungeon Striker’s Chinese publisher “Shanda Games” had held 2 closed beta tests to check server stability and localization under the name of “Light of Dungeon”. Even the tests are not an official, previous test recorded 1M pre-registration and 80% of retention rate. 
Also Shanda Games has proceeded huge pre-marketing such as a cloud funding that helps game users dream since last September. At the point of official launch, Chinese biggest search portal “Baidu” will be a channeling partner of Dungeon Striker to increase accessibility and publicity effects with Baidu’s whole online platforms..
Eyedentity Games CEO, Chien Tung Hai said “We could feel Chinese player’s high expectation and their affection for New Dungeon Striker at last closed beta test.  We’ll make another successful history of RPG under perfect partnership with Shanda Games”
* Cloud Funding : A new investment method that uses social media or internet to receive investment funds.
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