[Press Release] New Character “Machina” revealed in Dragon Nest 2015.06.19
- Swift and powerful actions! New character “Machina” update
- Players will get special prize by create “Machina” by 20th of July.
On 17th of June 2015, Eyedentity Games Inc. (CEO, Chien Tung Hai www.eyedentitygames.com ) announced that new character “Machina” updated.

 ‘Machina’ is the very first half man half beast character, it has powerful action with machinery arm on right hand. As its half man half beast character, swift movement and blustered actions are possible besides, it requires high sense of user’s control. 

In the game trailer shown on 12th, it attracts high expectation with spectacular battle scene which intimates Machina’s past.
Meanwhile, Eyedentity Games progressing several events which celebrating Machina update from 17th of June to 20th of July. Players will get special items with levelling Machina up to 80. Furthermore, from lv 16, GM Pandora box, accessories or etc will be given if players reach at every certain levels.
Joong Sun Jang, Head of Dragon Nest department says “We had great circumspection to Machina as the character that we updated right after we decided to do our own service” “We will do our best for game service and operation to appeal Machina’s attractiveness to players”

Detailed information of new character ‘Machina’ can be found ‘2014 DWC’ via Dragon Nest official web site ( www.dragonnest.co.kr )
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