[Press Release] Eyedentity Games to publish Dungeon Striker in China 2013.07.25

í░Adorable fighters venture into the mainland of China!í▒

Eyedentity Games to publish "Dungeon Striker" in China




Dungeon Striker," a smash hit game in Korea right now, will venture into the Chinese market.


Eyedentity Games Inc. (CEO: Dong-Hae Jeon, www.eyedentitygames.com) announced that a publishing deal for "Dungeon Strikerí»(local name í«˛óÓ˛˝ř╬├í») " was struck in China with Shanda Games Ltd.


Eyedentity Games had an announcement meeting on the publishing agreement with Shanda Games at 2 pm, June 25 at China Joy 2013, the largest gaming and digital entertainment exhibition held annually in Shanghai, China. The announcement, which was lively delivered to screens at the exhibition, included the presentation of background, signing and exchange of the agreement between two parties, drawing broad attention.


This publishing contract will enable Eyedentity Games to launch "Dungeon Striker" in the mainland of China via Shanda Games. Both companies will work closely together to localize and market the game to Chinese players to successfully launch the game there.

Shanda Games is an established publisher for various successful Korean titles in China including Eyedentity Games' "Dragon Nest."


In the meantime, expectations are running high at Eyedentity Games for this title to be a possible heir to "Dragon Nest" (a global hit across Asia, North America, and Europe), while further establishing its status as a global game developer.


Chief executive Dong-Hae Jeon said, "We are very pleased that í«Dungeon Striker will make its foray into the Chinese market on the back of the strong support of its Korean users. Eyedentity Games will be firmly establishing its status as a global game developer through this publishing agreement in China."


Meanwhile, Shanda Games will have public demonstration event for local users during the exhibition. At the event, users can play í«Dungeon Strikerí» at a large scale of game booth and participate in various game promotion events. Shanda Games expects this is the first step for the company that will lead í«Dungeon Strikerí» to a successful launch.


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